Recipe: Tasty Saumon en papillote

Saumon en papillote. Bring a pot of water to a boil and season with salt. Put the canola oil in a pan set over medium-high heat. Get Salmon en Papillote Recipe from Food Network.

Saumon en papillote This salmon fillet recipe from Josh Eggleton uses Pernod, white wine and parsley to infuse the fish as it steams in its parcel, but feel free to experiment with other marinades. For this salmon en papillote recipe, I added sliced onions, shredded carrots, and asparagus to the pouch. You can add other tasty vegetables like bell pepper, fennel, zucchini or Bok choy, however just make sure they are sliced thin, so they are tender once the fish is finished cooking. You can cook Saumon en papillote using 6 ingredients and 5 steps. Here is how you achieve that.

Ingredients of Saumon en papillote

  1. You need of Pavé de saumon.
  2. It’s of Des courgettes.
  3. You need of Des tomates.
  4. It’s of Aneth.
  5. You need of Sel poivre.
  6. It’s of Huile d'olive.

Salmon cooked en papillote, which means wrapped in a packet of parchment (or foil), is a dramatic way to procure perfectly cooked salmon, but it isn't difficult Fold a fillet into a cut piece of parchment, and then layer it with seasonings or perhaps vegetables or citrus fruit Then simply bake the packets until done Salmon en Papillote is an easy and satisfying recipe that's perfect for a weeknight dinner. Good things happen when you seal a bunch of ingredients in a bag and let their aromas and flavors meld together. I'm always taken aback every time I make this recipe and am reminded of how delicious it is. En papillote simply means "in paper" in French, so "salmon en papillote" describes the classically French method of cooking salmon in parchment paper.

Saumon en papillote step by step

  1. Lavez et coupez vos légumes.
  2. Les répartir dans du papier sulfurisé et rajouter le pavé de saumon.
  3. Assaisonner et badigeonner d'huile d'olive avant de refermer en papillote.
  4. Enfournez 1 heure à 180 degres.
  5. En complément éventuel du riz à cuire à part.

For our salmon en papillote recipe, you wrap each portion of salmon in a little parchment paper packet along with some sliced zucchini and fennel bulb, dill, lemon and a little olive oil and then bake it. Saumon en papillote means salmon baked in parchment paper/aluminium foil. Even though the "en papillote" can sound quite fancy, this cooking method is super easy and amazingly tasty as it allows the flavours of the salmon and the herbs to infuse and develop wonderfully. As the salmon cooks in its juice it comes out really tender. Saumon in French means salmon, and "en papillote" means "in parchment", so it means "wrapped in parchment".