How to Cook Yummy Croziflette

Croziflette. Croziflette, a French pasta bake with local crozets, bacon and reblochon cheese. One of my favorite French Alps mountain dishes! Do you know the tartiflette ?

Croziflette Baked potatoes with bacon and onions covered with reblochon cheese. La Croziflette is related to La Tartiflette – the common ingredient being Reblochon cheese from the Haute Savoie. I've mixed things up a bit and used Crozet pasta and Diots sausages both from the Savoie region. You can have Croziflette using 5 ingredients and 4 steps. Here is how you achieve that.

Ingredients of Croziflette

  1. It’s 800 g of crozets cuits.
  2. Prepare 300 g of lardons fumés.
  3. Prepare 1 of Reblochon.
  4. Prepare 4 of oignons.
  5. You need 3 gousses of d'ail.

Crozets are a delicious alternative to pasta and are very easy to cook. Crozets are great served with onions sautéed in butter and a grated cheese stirred through, normally a local Savoie hard cheese; Tomme or Beaufort. Croziflette is among the traditional French recipes from the mountainous Savoy region of France, a hearty alpine indulgence that is a favorite in the long winter months. Croziflette is a twist on the better-known tartiflette—switch out the potatoes for a special type of pasta called crozet, and you have a French-style pasta bake!

Croziflette step by step

  1. Faire revenir l'oignon émincé avec les lardons. Ajouter l'ail haché et faire cuire encore quelques minutes..
  2. Mélanger avec les crozets cuits et mettre dans un plat allant au four..
  3. Couper le Reblochon en morceaux d'environ 1/2 cm d'épaisseur. Déposer les sur le mélange crozets lardons de façon à ce qu'il y ait du fromage sur toute la surface..
  4. Enfourner 20 minutes à 180 degrés..

You can therefore make it only if you have a box of Crozets at home but it seems that it's hard to find out of France. The croziflette is a local winter speciality! Because of our Italian influence we also make pasta here, the Crozets are some squared Savoyardes Pasta. It is a bit like a Tartiflette but replacing the potatoes with pasta. Crozets de Savoie are small, square-shaped, flat pasta originally made in the Savoie region in southeast France.