Recipe: Tasty Mojito  Good boy

Mojito  Good boy. Pour into a glass, and top with a splash of soda water. These are crazy popular at my bar. We also garnish these with a stick of sugar cane, but that is strictly for aesthetics.

Mojito  Good boy This no-sweat mojito is from Juli's Any Seltzer Cocktail Formula Recipe found in the magazine. Add limes and muddle until limes are juiced. Stir rum into sugar mixture; add club soda and stir until sugar is dissolved. You can cook Mojito  Good boy using 6 ingredients and 6 steps. Here is how you cook it.

Ingredients of Mojito  Good boy

  1. It’s 20 cl of rhum vieux Diplomatico.
  2. Prepare 2 of citrons lime.
  3. Prepare 70 cl of limonade artisanale fraîche.
  4. It’s of Sucre de canne en poudre non raffiné.
  5. Prepare of Glace pilée.
  6. Prepare of Branches de menthe marocaine.

This is the BEST mojito recipe for parties. If you need to serve a lot of people, this mint mojito pitcher recipe will save the day! I just love a good mojito. The fresh mint mixed with lime and bubbly carbonated water is such a tasty combination.

Mojito  Good boy instructions

  1. Jeter une poignée de glace pilée au fond de votre verre..
  2. Ajoutez le rhum vieux..
  3. Découpez les citrons en quartiers, pressez en deux par verre et ensuite deux quartiers entiers par verre..
  4. Ajoutez une cuillère à café de sucre de canne non raffiné dans chaque verre..
  5. Hachez grossièrement la menthe et conserver quelques jolies branches pour la déco..
  6. Diluez la préparation avec de la limonade, décorez d'une branche de menthe fraîche et servir de suite ;-).

Reviews for: Photos of Good Mojito. I actually bought a muddler to make this recipe. This tasted good but I couldn't really taste the mint at all. It tasted like limeade with a bite.. Shake well and serve over ice in a high ball glass.